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The Bounthong- Holbrook Family

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"We are so excited to have the opportunity to own a home. Neither of us ever thought it was possible."

“I’ll be out in a minute.” I yell to my husband. Kneeling on the icy bathroom floor and staring straight into the toilet bowl, I wonder how much more of this miracle of pregnancy I can handle. Don’t get me wrong, we were thrilled but suddenly my whole world was spinning out of control—and it wasn’t just the morning sickness. My apartment building felt like a college dorm--late night parties, slamming doors, strangers buzzing my call button at all hours to get in. “Don’t these people have to go to work?” I ask my husband, Sen, night after night.

It’s not just the noise, rent increases, slow landlord response to our plumbing problems and the talk of turning the units into condos… it was thinking about our son. I was beginning to stress at the idea of little feet pitter-pattering around our tiny apartment—wouldn’t he want more security and stability? Wouldn’t he want to know that he didn’t have to uproot and move all the time? Wouldn’t he want to have the same friends and school and neighborhood as he grows up?

We knew our jobs would never make us rich. As a social service counselor working with homeless families and an employee of a small, local beverage distributor, we knew better than to dream of homeownership in an elite city like Seattle. But when a coworker told me about Homestead, I listened intently with my mind on my son's future. 

We knew nothing about buying a home and were really nervous about the process. Everything changed when we connected with Homestead. The patient and knowledgeable staff ran our credit, assessed our debt and savings and coached us about what we needed to work on. Almost as important they listened to our ideas, our plans and dreams. They gave us hope that owning a home was achievable.

After, paying down some credit cards, building up our savings and attending a home-buying class we were ready and found the home we wanted pretty quickly. It's  very near great transit and walking distance to my job. All along the way towards purchase Homestead was helping us navigate - the bank, the inspection, the paperwork - everything from start to finish. They were determined and steadfast and had confidence even when we didn’t.

I’ll never forget that warm summer day when my son, who had just turned one, stood in our living room dangling keys to our new home laughing and playing. It was the best day of my life (besides having my son of course) and it was all possible because of Homestead Community Land Trust.

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