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The Chew and Luc Family

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"Now we can stop looking for a place to live and start living."

Cindy gropes blindly against the kitchen wall for the light switch, dreading what she’ll see when she finds it. As soon as the light comes on, the cockroaches scatter. It’s defeating living in this run-down apartment, and no matter what they do to clean it, Cindy and Young can’t make it much better. They hate seeing their one-year-old daughter, Ayane, crawling around on the floors that are home to so many roaches. Their family needs something better.

Cindy knows what a big difference owning a home can mean for a family. After moving a lot as a child, her parents bought a home in Seattle just as she entered her teenage years. Despite her family losing the home to foreclosure seven years later, she appreciated the stability of that home and the opportunity to build memories there with her family. She now wants to provide that for her children.

As much as Cindy and Young want to buy a home, they know it will be years—decades maybe—before they’re able to save enough for a down payment. With their jobs—she is a legal office assistant and he is an associate at Target—they make enough to get by but not nearly enough to buy a home. Resigned to keep renting, Cindy still can’t help looking at real estate listings, and she stumbles across a program that catches her eye. “Only $2500 downpayment, it must be a scam!” she thinks, but decides to look a little deeper into Homestead. Something about it gives her hope. The homebuyer education and support that the website says Homestead offers gives Cindy confidence to pick up the phone. She knows how important that can be, especially having seen her parents’ foreclosure. She calls Homestead.

Homestead is the best chance she and Young have to buy a home anytime soon, and they have a new motivation to find a place to settle down—they are pregnant again. After a short meeting in Homestead’s office, Cindy can’t believe the great news—she and Young actually have a chance to buy a home and give their kids a lot more stability.

From here the process flies by—qualifying with a lender, paying off credit card debt, verification of every aspect of their income—it’s a lot of work! Cindy and Young can’t wait to be finished and move in once they close on their home: a three-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac with other Homestead buyers.

Just two months after finding Homestead Cindy pulls into the driveway and breathes a sigh of relief. At five months pregnant, she truly appreciates every day she can pull into their garage and unload groceries right into their house. That was now three years ago.

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