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About the Board of Delegates

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Homestead’s Board of Delegates sets the vision of the organization. The Board directs Homestead’s work by selecting development options, setting priorities, and growing and stewarding resources. As a Board member, you can help ensure Homestead grows as a vibrant, community-based effort providing a legacy of permanently affordable homes throughout the Seattle area.

As a Board member of Homestead you will change lives and leave a legacy of affordability - permanently affordable homes - in our community. Listen to some of our homeowners tell about how their lives have transformed because of Homestead:  2016 Homeowners Stories and 2015 Homeowners Stories.


For a PDF version of the Board's roles and responsibilities click here.

For an application to serve of our Board of Delegates click here.


Homestead Community Land Trust preserves and advances access to permanently affordable homeownership as a means to create healthy, equitable and inclusive communities.

About Us

Our work empowers individuals, stabilizes families and strengthens neighborhoods in the Greater Seattle/King County area. Partnering with modest income households (who earn less than 80% area median income), we have created the largest portfolio of permanently affordable homes in Washington State.

With nearly 25 years in service to the Puget Sound area, Homestead combines housing development with counseling, education, and other support activities to create a growing inventory of permanently affordable homes. Every home we develop and sell at an affordable price to an income-qualified buyer is kept affordable to all future buyers through the community land trust.

General Structure of the Board

Homestead’s board includes 4 seats for Homestead homeowners, 4 seats for Homestead general members, and 4 seats representing the community at large. In this way, governance of the organization is balanced to represent both the residents and the community as a whole. The board currently has 12 seats.


Desired Skills

Specific skill sets we are looking for in new board members including non-profit board experience, real estate development and fundraising. Homestead is a community-based organization and strongly desires Board membership that reflects the diversity and needs of those we serve.



  • Attend Homestead’s monthly board meetings (third Wednesdays at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at 412 Maynard Ave S Suite 201, Seattle WA 98104)
  • Introduce Homestead to individuals with the capacity to support Homestead’s work financially.
    • Hosting a house party or
    • Inviting guests to Homestead’s introductory events
  • Participate in Homestead’s committee and fundraising work between monthly meetings
  • Participate in Homestead’s political advocacy work
    • Respond to email advocacy alerts
    • Write advocacy postcards
    • Attend Housing & Homeless Advocacy Day or other events in Olympia
  • Make a meaningful personal gift each year according to your financial ability.
    • Can include purchase of tickets to the Stewardship breakfast and Home Games.
  • Participate meaningfully in efforts to secure sponsorships, in-kind donations and individual contributions
  • Average time commitment of 6 to 8 hours per month
  • 3 year board term


What Homestead’s Board Does

  • Sets organizational priorities and objectives
  • Ratifies annual operating budget and stewards organizational resources
  • Assures Homestead has adequate financial resources and that funds are spent wisely and in accordance with our mission
  • Makes broad policy decisions (except for certain decisions which are made by the membership as a whole)
  • Reviews and approves development projects and programs
  • Reviews and evaluates (as appropriate) the recommendations of Homestead’s Board committees
  • Carries out Membership decisions
  • Supports and reviews Executive Director’s performance and hires/fires ED when necessary


Special Roles within the Board

Homestead’s Board has four officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Committees of the Board currently include:

  • Executive Committee – Officers of the Board
  • Finance
  • Contributed Income/Home Games
  • Advocacy
  • Real Estate Development
  • Stewardship
  • Partnership Outreach


Officers and other committee chairs are expected to take on a larger share of responsibility within the board than other members.  1st year members are generally not expected to (but are welcome to) run for officer positions.


  • Committees and Task Forces are updated regularly.
  • The Executive Committee of the Board is the officers of the Board of Delegates. Elected officers of the Board are automatically members of this committee.


How Board Elections Work

Board members beginning a new term are elected in January at Homestead’s Annual meeting.

Interested applicants will submit their applications to the sitting Board of Delegates via the president or the Executive Director. From that group, the Board will nominate a slate of candidates for the membership to elect based on the skills needed on the board and the fit of the applications.

All members present at the meeting vote to fill each open seat from the pool of available candidates for any given category.  A simple majority will suffice for election of new board members.

Board members may be appointed to seats made vacant by resignations at any time during the calendar year. Appointed members complete the term of the individual who they replace on the Board.


Board Training and Support

There is much for new board members to learn about how Homestead works.  Homestead staff provides an orientation and Board Handbook for new board members.  The orientation takes place after elections and may be combined with other activities at a Board retreat. A board member appointed mid-year will receive a specially scheduled orientation. The Board Handbook provided to new board members includes a copy of the bylaws, information about decision-making processes, and other critical information.  Homestead staff is available to assist the board in any way deemed necessary to further Homestead’s mission.


New to Serving on a Board?

If you would like an introduction to what it means to serve on a Board, please visit this video online This video, produced by the Non-Profit Partnership outlines the key functions of a Board and the value it creates in terms of assuring mission fulfillment and organizational success.


Need Additional Information?

Please contact Executive Director, Kathleen Hosfeld

206.323.1227 Ext 113


To apply, please complete the application form found here.