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Deep Dive Workshop

Resources referenced during the Community Land Trusts "Deep Dive" event on February 3, 2017

Community Land Trusts "Deep Dive"

Thank you for your interest in community land trusts and our Deep Dive event on February 3, 2017. This page will provide you with the resources we referenced during the event including the PowerPoint slides we shared.


Our report on the Deep Dive is available here.

Homestead's Next Steps

  • Seek changes with public funders to support increasing the density of homeownership developments.
  • Partner with community organizing groups to strengthen leadership of low-income communities to advocate for affordable housing.
  • Strengthen Homestead's membership as advocates for community ownership.
  • Convene and participate in a learning community on limited equity cooperatives.
  • Explore interest in hub-and-spoke collaborations to build regional capacity for homeownership.
  • Act as a strategic partner to advance policy solutions that meet the growing community interest in expanding affordable homeownership opportunities.

Those interested in following up with any of these next steps are invited to contact Homestead Executive Director Kathleen Hosfeld,

PowerPoint Slide Deck:

Powerpoint Slides (PDF download)

Resources for Starting a Community Land Trust (CLT)

Grounded Solutions Network's CLT Startup Hub Page.

National Community Land Trust Network's tools page.

Burlington Associates - A consulting firm that works with community land trusts.

Organizations to Join

Northwest Community Land Trust Coalition

Housing Development Consortium

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

Join Homestead

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HCLT Membership Form

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Have a question or want to talk with Homestead further about your project? Please contact Kathleen Hosfeld: