You are here: Home Homeowner Resources Guide to Selling Your Homestead CLT Home 5 Tips on Marketing Your Homestead Home
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You are here: Home Homeowner Resources Guide to Selling Your Homestead CLT Home 5 Tips on Marketing Your Homestead Home

5 Tips on Marketing Your Homestead Home


1. Take Images of Your Lovely Home:Example of Home for sale on website 300w.PNG

A Homestead staff member will schedule a time to come out and take photos or 3D video of your home for its online listing. If you prefer, you may also send us your own lovely photos of your home. Before taking photos, make sure that your home is clean, clutter-free and looking its best. Give buyers the best opportunity to see themselves in your home! You’ll want to ensure that there are photos of the front, the back and every room, if possible. If you think there are other great features – a new washer and dryer you are including in the sale, a view from the top bedroom, etc., feel free to include photos of these as well.

See example of how we will list your home on our website click here for full size>


2. Pitch your Home with Words:

Draft a short paragraph about the things you love about your home and its location. Can you walk to a grocery store or to parks? Do you like your neighbors? What would get potential buyers excited about buying your home? Even if it’s just a list of great qualities, write it up and send it to us. It will help us create a better home listing for marketing your home.

Click here to see some examples.


3. Generate Interest in the Community:

In addition to Homestead’s outreach, you are encouraged to post your home for sale on neighborhood blogs, or social media to generate as much interest as possible. It’s a best practice to post the link to your home's listing on Homestead’s website so that all buyers are alerted to the eligibility requirements and the fact that they’ll need to work with Homestead to purchase the home. If you want to also post a sign or create flyers to advertise, Homestead has For Sale Signs you can use and we may be able to help with the creation of a PDF flyer that you can email or post on bulletin boards around the neighborhood or online to spread the word. Again, it is critically important to work with Homestead to ensure the appropriate information about the eligibility requirements and restrictions are disclosed.


4. Host Open Houses:

Potential buyers may show great interest over the well staged pictures of your home but they will not make an offer to buy your home without seeing it in person.


You will need to set at least two dates and times when you will open your house to interested buyers. Homestead will want to send those dates out with the first notice that your home is available for sale. Homestead staff may not attend your open house, so it is helpful to keep a list of people who attended so we can follow up with them to encourage them to submit full applications if they are interested in buying your home.


Use your open house to show the best that your home has to offer. Make sure it is clean, smells good (might try baking cookies beforehand) and that all minor scuffs and scrapes can easily be overlooked. Here are some general staging tips. At the open house, tell people why you love your home! If people have any questions about the home buying process or Homestead's program, please refer them to Homestead staff.


COVID NOTE: While taking precautions for public health we are no longer doing open houses. Interested homebuyers will instead schedule a private viewing with a Homestead staff member. In order to limit exposure we ask that the homeowners not be at the site during private viewings. Please coordinate with Homestead staff to schedule viewing times.


5. Always Refer Buyers to Homestead:

If you find an interested buyer, refer them to Homestead so we can ensure that they meet our eligibility requirements. We will explain how the community land trust works and provide an overview of the process and answer any of their community land trust-related questions.