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Support Our Work

Support Homestead. Support CLT. Permanent Affordability.



Homestead is giving affordability a permanent address in King County! You can help us grow the number of homes that remain permanently affordable to modest income people, preventing displacement, and helping families build equity safely.


Here are all the ways you can help!

Get Ready for Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018

In this Season of Gratitude, open your heart and express your generosity on Tuesday, November 27. On #GivingTuesday we encourage you to:

Become a Member: You can have a voice in creating permanent affordability in our region. Details here.

Become a Monthly Giver: Through our online giving portal you can make your $50 gift a monthly gift, which is affordable to you, and a huge contribution to our work.

Apply for Membership on Our Board (Best by Dec. 10, 2018)

We are seeking Board members who can help grow Homestead's capacity and scale our work and impact. Board members are elected by the membership at our Annual Meeting, January 20, 2018.  Additional information about Board Membership can be found here. We are hosting a Board Member Interest Meeting on Nov. 30th from 6:00 - 7:30pm.  This is an opportunity for you to learn more about being a Board member while meeting some of our current Board members and staff. Please RSVP to by Nov. 28 to join us.

Help Us Meet our $8,000 Year End Goal

Together, we are growing the portfolio of homes that remain permanently affordable in King County.  Your financial gift powers our innovative staff in responding and adapting to the changing market and funding dynamics that make affordable housing so challenging. Your tax-deductible gift of $125, $250, $500 or $1,000 at year end will launch us into the next quarter century of affordability. Make a donation to Homestead.

Why Support Homestead?

The single most important reason to support Homestead is that our work makes your community stronger.

Your support results in:

  • A growing inventory of homes which are affordable to middle-income households today and tomorrow;
  • Families building equity safely;
  • Children staying in the same school district;
  • More neighbors who get involved in improving their neighborhoods and communities;
  • Fewer foreclosures;
  • Fewer absentee landlords; and
  • A legacy for the next generation.


Get involved or make a donation to support our work today.

The gift that keeps on giving!

When you support Homestead you help provide a deserving individual or household with the opportunity to own their own home, expand the number of permanently affordable homes in the Seattle area and strengthen the communities where all of us live, work and play.

Homestead, by employing the community land trust approach to homeownership, is a prudent and efficient investment of public housing dollars and community philanthropy. Money invested in Homestead is used to keep homes affordable for the long-term and to ensure homeowner success. Housing subsidy funds stay permanently invested in each home, so even after many resales, a Homestead home stays in service of the community, creating access to homeownership for the entirety of the home's useful life.

Get involved or make a donation to support our work today.

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CoHo Team Support Statement

Why the CoHo Team Supports Homestead


"We have been long time supporters of Homestead Community Land Trust. Our team of real estate agents believes in affordable, quality housing for all and strong, vibrant neighborhoods; Homestead is a consistent force for this in Seattle. Their care and long-term commitment to their homeowners and ability to adapt and grow their program in changing economic times are great strengths we admire."

- The CoHo Team of Windermere Agents