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Community comes together at our EVENTS to change lives through homeownership.


Dr.  Henry Louis Gates came to inform, inspire and enlighten at our Sept. 7 event. Interviewed by Vivian Phillips, Dr. Gates delivered a powerful message about the legacy of the fall of Reconstruction, and the similarities between that period and today.  Girmay Zahilay, King County Council Member, shared his impactful personal story of growing up in South Seattle, and how that informs his support for affordable homeownership and Homestead. And we shared the outcome of the Lions/Chiefs game.

We also celebrated the winners of our 2023 Homeownership Legacy Awards.   Congratulations to Rep. Jamila Taylor, Bishop Garry Tyson, and Donald King recognized with Ryan Neff and Cooper Awards. Full Details

If you've been inspired by this event to work towards housing justice, please check into all the ways you can work with us.

We look forward to announcing our Fall 2024 program soon. 

Dr. Gate’s appearance is supported by:

Valerie Thiel  •  Kevin Skinner  •  Families of Columbia 26  •  Aric Ho & Jo Ristow  
Kurt Kruckeberg & Dan Flores   •  Mele & Omari Miller  •  Elaine Nonneman

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Image by AbsolutVision

Introduction to Community Land Trusts and Homestead CLT: From our proud origins in the Civil Rights movement to our accomplishments in addressing displacement and creating first-time homebuying opportunities in King County, there's a lot to share and celebrate. Learn more about where community land trusts started, how they are a vital tool for vibrant, inclusive and equitable economies, and how they put homeownership within reach for those shut out of owning a home. 

Our next 'Intro to Homestead' Zoom sessions are Tuesday, June 11 at 5 PM, and Tuesday, June 18 at 12 PM. 

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