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We are here for you at EVERY STEP of your HOMEOWNERSHIP journey.


Owners in our program are supported in researching and considering refinancing their mortgage when doing so will help them achieve their financial goals. Your' ground leases or covenants include the agreement that Homestead will approve any mortgage on the home. Homeowners contemplating a refinance should contact Homestead staff for support, information and a list of qualified lenders.

Homestead's Refinance Policy and Procedure

Fixing the Roof


Maintaining your home in good repair is an investment in your own health, safety and enjoyment of homeownership.  Homestead offers our Capital Improvement program as a means by which to encourage member homeowners to maintain your home by increasing your formula resale price for some repairs or improvements.

Our program is designed to make sure that you as a homeowner can afford the repairs and maintenance needed on your home, and that changes to the home do not make it unaffordable at the time of resale to the next buyer. That’s why the first step in the process is to talk to a Homeownership Associate about the repairs or changes you would like to make. We will discuss the potential costs, your resources, and the steps to apply for Capital Improvement credit approval. All allowable Capital Improvements credits must be approved in advance.

If your home needs repair or maintenance and you are unable to afford the expense, our Homeownership Staff will make referrals to grant and financing opportunities for which you may be qualified.  Contact us at for assistance.

Capital Improvements Policy

Capital Improvements Application -- Fillable PDF or Printable


Working from Home

Are you ready to sell your Homestead home? We are here to help. According to agreements you signed when you first purchased, you agree to sell the home in good condition to an income-qualified buyer at the formula price contained in your ground lease or covenant. Please contact to get started.

Step by Step Guide to Selling Your Homestead Home


Preparing Your Home For Sale Handout

Resale Documents to Submit to Homestead

Image by Shazaf Zafar


There are many resources and options available to Homestead homeowners who find themselves in financial difficulty and falling behind on mortgage payments, tax payments or homeowners association dues. We can help and the sooner you contact us the more options you have to address your situation. 

We partner with a variety of organizations that provide foreclosure and debt management resources to help you get back on your feet. They can help you understand your rights, access resources and programs, and connect you with advocates including attorneys who can assist.  Please contact us at today.  You are not alone!

In Washington state, you have rights through the Foreclosure Fairness Act (FFA) – watch this short video to learn more about the foreclosure process and how the FFA protects you. 

Housing Development


Homestead is able to provide homes at reduced prices because of the funds we receive from various governments and philanthropists. As a beneficiary of these funds homeowners agree to stay in their home as their primary residence (or sell to another income-qualified buyer). Homestead agrees to make sure the homes are purchased by qualified buyers and that those buyers remain living in the home. 


Each year, Homestead must submit a report to our funders that confirms that all of our homeowners are living in their home as their primary residence. To do this, we ask our homeowner’s to sign an Occupancy Certificate and provide a copy of a recent utility bill that shows their name and address on it. 

Please complete this process by:

SPANISH certificate here: Formulario de certificación de ocupación de la vivienda por el propietario. 

VIETNAMESE certificate here: Mẫu Đơn Chứng Nhận Cư Trú của Chủ Sở Hữu Nhà Ở. 

CHINESE certificate here: ​屋主居住证明表. 

  • Email the signed form along with a recent utility bill (that shows your name & address) to

Solar Panels


At the annual membership meeting in January, we announced our new program with Spark Northwest, Electrify the Land Trust. This program will provide energy efficiency upgrades to homes in trust through grants and rebate incentives. Such upgrades are not only good for our environment, but will also save you money.  Please help us design this program by taking our survey.




The survey is provided in English, Vietnamese, Chinese and Spanish, select a language in the top right corner of the survey page.

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