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Working together to make homeownership a CHOICE; not a DREAM out of reach.


Homestead Community Land Trust transforms lives and communities by putting the stability and wealth-building benefits of homeownership within financial reach of income-qualified households. Using the leasehold ownership model created by Civil Rights-era leaders, we lower barriers to homeownership for those excluded by discrimination, and have nearly 60% ownership by people of color. We give first-time buyers the opportunity to own a home that is affordable to them and remains affordable to future owners.  As a result our homes prevent displacement and give affordability a permanent address in neighborhoods in King County.  Our model has been adopted by other homeownership organizations, and permanently affordable homeownership has become a policy priority because of our leadership. Our deep investments in the environmental standards of our homes achieve climate equity and justice for lower-income households, who otherwise bear disproportionate impacts of climate change. Building on the power and strength of community, we prioritize community-led housing projects and equitable development partnerships with communities experiencing displacement.



Paul and Tasha first thought that the opportunity to own a home through Homestead was too good to be true. Like many other two-paycheck households in our region, they found down payments and home prices out of reach. Now they have an affordable, asset-building housing payment and a sense of belonging to Seattle. As participants in the permanent affordability of our homes, they look forward to paying forward an affordable purchase opportunity to the next household that buys their home in the future.

"Everyone should have a home but there is also an aspect of building for your future that we want others to have as well."  ~  Paul

Watch Our Full Interview with Paul and Tasha

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