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5819 Phinney Ave 

5819 Phinney Ave Homestead CLT.png

Homestead will develop at 19 permanently affordable condominium homes at 5819 Phinney Ave N. on land contributed by a private donor. These light-filled one- and two-bedroom homes will be fossil-fuel free, energy efficient and built to a high-quality and durable standard. This development will feature a common room meeting space on the ground floor suitable for resident dinners and interaction; it will also feature a rooftop amenity space with views of the adjacent Woodland Park. Two ground-floor commercial spaces will be available to purchase, and we look forward to the return of current tenants. This project will include the sale of 6 condominium homes to be sold without income restrictions and proceeds from those homes will be used to reduce the prices of the affordable homes. Construction start is expected in late 2023.

The development at 5819 Phinney does not yet have a final name. Homestead will be working with neighbors in the Phinney Ridge community to select a name.

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The location of this development is currently home to the much beloved A La Mode Pies. Homestead is working with A La Mode to support their return to the location post construction.

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