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From left to right: Layna, Joe, Kim, and Mia Weatherby smile for a family photo.  

Paying It Forward:The Weatherby Family Story 


In late October 2023, Kim and Joseph Weatherby took their teenage girls to say goodbye to their childhood home in southeast Seattle – their Homestead home. The next day they turned over the keys to another income-qualified buyer and closed the Homestead chapter of their lives. 


“We are beyond grateful for this Homestead chapter,” Kim wrote in a letter of thanks to Homestead. It was a chapter that brought happy childhood memories for their children and benefits to their personal and professional growth.  


“We were privileged to have a wonderful yard, wonderful neighbors, and a cozy home where our girls could run and play and be as loud as they needed to be. We even added a snake and dog to the mix,” Kim shared. 


For the Weatherby family, owning a Homestead home also gave them the stability to achieve their financial goals.



“Homestead has enabled us to pay off our student loans, purchase two vehicles, launch two businesses, and purchase a new property that would have been out of reach otherwise," adds Kim Weatherby. 

As they turn to the next chapter of their lives, Kim and Joe are grateful to pay forward the opportunity purchase an affordable home.   

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your efforts on our behalf, and on behalf of so many individuals and families dreaming of homeownership in Seattle. We find joy in knowing that countless others will be able to have the Homestead experience as well," Kim wrote. 

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