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Homebuyer Classes

WSHFC first time homebuyer classes. Homebuyer education.

Buyers through our program are required to take a HUD-approved homebuyer education course.

We recommend that you wait to take this course until after you have selected a specific home to purchase and completed the written application.

In-Person Classes

Two local organizations offer HUD-approved free homebuyer education courses that take place in person:

Washington Housing Finance Commission: A complete list of classes for all of King County and whole state of Washington can be found here:

Homesight: A list of classes offering by Homesight can be found here:

**NOTE: All in-person classes have been cancelled by both organizations due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Online Classes

Learn about homeownership conveniently through online courses:

Homestead’s online course meets HUD standards and is tailored to community land trust homeownership. Take our course here for $99:

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission and Homesight also offer HUD-certified online homebuyer education courses without the community land trust content. See their links above for more information.

Homestead's Homebuyer Club

The Homebuyer Club is a different experience from HUD certified homebuyer education classes, which are required for buying a home through our program. Attending the Homebuyer Club is NOT required but it is recommended for people who dream of owning a home but may not be ready.  As a participant, you’ll have an opportunity to set and achieve goals to prepare you for homeownership in a supportive, peer-based environment.  More information is here: