You are here: Home Become A Homeowner Homes for Sale Cozy 3BR Single-Family Home in Highland Park - $167,691
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You are here: Home Become A Homeowner Homes for Sale Cozy 3BR Single-Family Home in Highland Park - $167,691

Cozy 3BR Single-Family Home in Highland Park - West Seattle


IMPORTANT NOTE: Homestead implemented a new application portal with the launch of the Village Gardens Townhomes in May of this year. With this new application portal, applicants who have already applied through the portal will not need to submit a new application. However they may need to provide corrections to documents or updates to documents as requested by Homestead Staff. So, if you submitted an application for a home anytime after May 2022 you will likely skip to Step 4, if you did not, you will go to Step 3. If an applicant did not complete their application by the application due date or were determined to be ineligible for Homestead's program they will need to restart their application. Anyone interested in being considered for a specific home still needs to submit that home's Screening Form by the deadline (Step 2 above).

Step 3: Submit your application within 2 weeks. Your application is due 14 days from when you submit the Screening Form, your specific application due date will be shown at the top of your application, see screenshot.  A $30 application fee is due upon submission. Applications submitted late will not be considered for this home. Incomplete applications will be deleted on September 24th.

Step 4: Check your email. Homestead Staff will email you if we have any questions or need any additional documentation to evaluate your eligibility.

Step 5: Top Applicants selected and continue with the next steps in the application process. Homestead staff will select the top applicants based on Homestead's Buyer Selection Criteria. The top applicants will be invited to tour the home and will receive Homestead's list of participating lenders to seek a loan pre-approval. Being selected as a top applicant does not guarantee purchase, more than 1 top applicant will be selected to account for applicant attrition.

Step 6: Tour the homes and seek a loan pre-approval. Top Applicants will be invited to an in-person tour of the home and seek a pre-approval letter from a participating lender. Please do not seek a pre-approval until you are selected as a top applicant and are provided with Homestead's preferred lender list.

Step 7: Pre-approval letters due. Applicants must obtain a loan pre-approval letter by the due date to be considered for buyer selection. The pre-approval due date will be communicated when the top applicants are selected, applicants will have at least ten days to receive a pre-approval.

Step 8: Buyer Selected. A buyer will be selected based on Homestead's Buyer Selection Criteria.


We anticipate a lot of interest in this home. There are always multiple interested, eligible, and qualified applicants that apply for each home we sell. We use an objective tie-breaking process to determine which of the applicants will proceed with purchase.

We appreciate your patience while Homestead Staff review applications and answer applicant questions. Please closely follow the instructions above and in the application portal. Any updates to the sales schedule will be posted on this webpage.