You are here: Home Become A Homeowner Homes for Sale Brand New 3 & 4 Bedroom Townhomes at Willowcrest in Renton
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You are here: Home Become A Homeowner Homes for Sale Brand New 3 & 4 Bedroom Townhomes at Willowcrest in Renton

Brand New 3 & 4 Bedroom Townhomes at Willowcrest in Renton - Phase 2


Willowcrest is a sustainable and affordable neighborhood developed by Homestead Community Land Trust, which makes homeownership possible for modest-income households.

With three or four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and garage, Willowcrest homes are ideal for larger households already living or working in Renton.

​All homes are priced at or below $315,000. Willowcrest homes will be affordable to households with incomes less than 80% of area median income as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the King County area. Three of the homes are more deeply discounted to be affordable to those whose incomes are at or below 60% area median income, and who are experiencing housing instability.

Each beautiful townhome features an open-concept design on the living level that is perfect for entertaining and family gatherings. High-quality finishes, built for beauty and durability, feature environmentally sensitive materials. Varying entryways give each home a unique, spacious feel. Homes include two bathrooms, ample closets and storage, and a one-car garage.

Homes are highly energy-efficient and come with solar panels, and Energy Star appliances. A Ductless Minisplit Heating/Cooling System will provide at least 25% energy savings beyond Washington State Energy Code, and a high-efficiency heat pump water heater will reduce energy costs.  Homes are equipped with WaterSense low-flow fixtures to conserve water.

Willowcrest is a demonstration project for how we can integrate housing affordability with environmental sustainability. The sustainability investments lower the costs of operating and maintaining the home while also addressing climate change and stormwater quality.

All Willowcrest homes have a 'Sweat Equity' requirement which requires the applicant and co-applicant to complete 50 hours each of work done at the development such as landscaping, cleaning and painting before the purchase of the home is complete. Homeowners can enlist volunteers to help complete their requirement.

Working with Lenders

We recommend that applicants to our program work with one of the lenders listed on our website due to their prior experience with community land trust home purchases. These lenders represent both traditional and Halal home finance options.

We ask that you not contact any of these lenders about purchasing through Homestead’s program until you receive approval from a Homestead staff person to do so. At that time, we will provide a list of loan officers and their contact information from which to choose.

Willowcrest Sales Schedule:

Most of the homes at Willowcrest are priced to be affordable to those who make less than 80% of area median income. (In real dollars that means a household of four makes less than $90,000 per year).

We are accepting applications for the Willowcrest Townhomes in three phases:


Phase #Applications AcceptedBedroomsAvailable HomesPriceLink to Application Instructions

Phase 1


3 BR



Applications are closed.

Phase 2

Interest accepted until 6/21

4 BR



Phase 3


3 BR


$308,000 - $310,000

Coming Mid-July


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