You are here: Home Become A Homeowner Homes for Sale Ten 3BR Central District Townhomes at Village Gardens
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You are here: Home Become A Homeowner Homes for Sale Ten 3BR Central District Townhomes at Village Gardens

Brand New 3BR Central District Townhomes at Village Gardens


Affordability and environmental sustainability come together at Village Gardens Townhomes to create homeownership opportunities in the Central District. Developed through a partnership of Homestead Community Land Trust and Edge Developers on surplus land provided by the City of Seattle, these three-bedroom, two-bath energy-efficient homes are certified to Built Green 4 Star and Evergreen Sustainable Development standards. The development includes 10 homes priced affordably for income-qualified households. Through one-time investments that reduce the initial price of homes to $237,000 and $302,000, and through partnerships with homebuyers, Homestead will make and keep homes affordable for current and future generations. To qualify for purchase, buyers must have an income below 80% of area median income (AMI) as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the King County area. *Two of the homes are priced at $237,000 and set aside for those with incomes at or below 60% and who fit the definition of housing instability provided by the Federal Home Loan Bank.  Energy efficiency; on-site energy generation; proximity to large employers; and nearby bicycle routes and frequent public transportation are a model for sustainable urban living. The development was named through a community process which recognizes historic use of the property as an unofficial community garden that brought together the diverse cultures living together in the neighborhood. Visit for more information on the development.

Buyers of the homes at Village Gardens will be selected using the City of Seattle’s Community Preference guidelines. Applicants who currently live in the census tracks* that compromise the area know as the Central District, who have previously lived in the area, or whose family has historic ties to the area will receive community preference consideration in our buyer selection process.

*Important Update: An additional census track has been added for consideration - census track 95. More information about how to look up what census track you live in or have historic ties to are available in the Community Preference Application.

Interested in applying to purchase a home at Village Gardens? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make sure you meet the basic qualifications and have a serious interest in purchasing. Review Homestead's program criteria here. Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more about the homes and take virtual tours of the homes. We estimate that the minimum affordable income for the two lower-priced homes is about $58,000 gross per year and $68,000 gross per year for the remaining eight homes. However, factors such as the amount available a down-payment may lower that requirement slightly.

Applicants will be submitting an application to be considered for any of the ten homes available. Selected applicants will submit a home preference form, buyers will be assigned to specific homes based on their home preference form and Homestead's Buyer Selection Criteria.

Step 2: Submit the Screening Form by May 20th at 5pm. Submission of the screening form indicates your interest in Village Gardens and evaluates your initial eligibility for these homes. If you are determined to be eligible by the screening form you will immediately be emailed a link to begin the full application through Homestead's new application portal.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some applicants will see a page that asks them to 'Select Application' when they log into the application portal.  All applicants should choose "Homeownership" (see screenshot below). If you choose an option other than 'Homeownership' your application will not be processed.

Select application for public.png

Step 3: Submit your application within 2 weeks. Your application is due 14 days from when you submit the screening form, your specific application due date will be shown at the top of your application, see screenshot. A $30 application fee is due upon submission. Applications submitted late will not be considered.

The required application documents are available here as well as in the application portal. Learn more about the Homestead's new application portal by watching our April 21st Village Gardens Info Session.

Step 4: Check your email. Homestead Staff will email you if we have any questions or need any additional documentation to evaluate your eligibility.

Step 5: Top Applicants Selected. Homestead staff will select the top applicants based on Homestead's Buyer Selection Criteria. The top applicants will be invited to tour the Village Gardens homes and will receive Homestead's list of participating lenders to seek a loan pre-approval.

Being selected as a top applicant does not guarantee purchase, more than 10 top applicants will be selected to account for applicant attrition.

Step 6: Tour the homes and seek a loan pre-approval. Top Applicants will tour the Village Gardens homes and seek a pre-approval letter from a participating lender. Please do not seek a pre-approval until you are selected as a top applicant and are provided with Homestead's preferred lender list.

Step 7: Home Preference Forms and pre-approval letters due. Applicants must obtain a loan pre-approval letter by the due date to be considered for buyer selection. The pre-approval due date will be communicated when the top applicants are selected, applicants will have at least ten days to receive a pre-approval.

Step 8: Buyers Selected. 10 buyers will be selected and assigned to purchase a specific home based on their home preference form and Homestead's Buyer Selection Criteria.

Step 9: Purchase Process. Purchase and Sale Agreements and Closing Dates will be staggered, meaning not all homes will close at the same time. Applicants who submitted their application sooner will be selected to close on their home sooner.


We anticipate a lot of interest in these in homes. There are always multiple interested, eligible, and qualified applicants that apply for each home we sell. We use an objective tie-breaking process to determine which of the applicants will proceed with purchase.

We appreciate your patience while Homestead Staff review applications and answer applicant questions. Please closely follow the instructions above and in the application portal. Any updates to the sales schedule will be posted on this webpage.


Village Gardens Site Map:


See the Details and Take a Virtual Tour of each of the 10 Homes Available:


Building A:


Building B1

Building B2


Building C1


Building C2