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Homestead policies. Homestead ground lease. Homestead capital Improvement Credit policy.

The documents below contain important information on Homestead, including agreements on the use and sale of your home.


Ground Lease*

Capital Improvement and Systems Replacement Credit Policy


Insurance Policy


While you know that under the terms of the Ground Lease your Homestead home needs to remain your primary place of residence and you can't rent out or sub-let your home, you can have roommates. If you do have roommates you are a landlord and are required to to abide by local landlord/tenant law. While not all of our homes are within the City of Seattle, here is a good, primer on what your responsibilities are, as a landlord, including the timeline in which you have to give notice to any roommates if you are planning to sell your home.


* Please note that some homeowners will have an different version of the Ground Lease.